Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jamie T - Salvador

Jamie T's one top geezer, who's got some solid tunes to match. The first Jamie T tune I ever came across was Salvador. I was up late watching film clips when I nothing this little kid just tearing it up. The little dude owns it, so much so it had me wondering if the kid was actually the artist (I had been drinking) of said new found tune, clearly he's not, but he's just as cool.

There's something so damn awesome about kids singing and dancing in film clips, The Black Keys clip I've featured previously does it as good as this one.

So tiny little Jamie T you are my song of the day.

Panic PreventionKings & Queens


  1. I used to work with a guy in England who got Jamie T signed to Virgin Records, from memory he got about £500 for it.

    And the rain when he played at Falls! The drops were heavy enough to splash wine out of the cups.

  2. Ive not seen that one before, like it!



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