Monday, April 19, 2010

Phoenix - 1901

The French get a hard time for the rest of the world. All I ever heard about the french from other European or UK people was that the food is crap, the people are snobby, it's over priced and no one is friendly.

Well it couldn't have been further from the truth. I found out that the French are lovely and it's truely the language of love. Don't believe me, then think of these points. The best way of kissing is called a French kiss, they gave the world the ménage à trois, and a little band that goes by the name of Phoenix. I think you'll agree that all three are pretty rad.

I love this clip, it takes me back to the cobbled streets and bridges of Paris, the laid back feel, awesome coffee in tiny shops, eggplant and goats cheese stacks, patisseries, and the lovely French not knowing where my accent was from.

Enjoy this clip, and just imagine how mind-blowingly awesome it would have been to stumble across Phoenix busking on the street.


  1. Ah Paris! I will never forget that eggplant and goats cheese stack! Oh and Phoenix are pretty good too...



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