Thursday, July 29, 2010

Johnny Cash - Hurt

This has to be one of the greatest covers of all time. Johnny Cash doing Nine Inch Nails song Hurt.

It's such a powerful film clip of an old and tired Cash looking back at his long and crazy career. The retrospective clip is made even more haunting by the fact that this was recorded by Cash less than a year before he passed away and the song became one of his final hits.

Mr Cash you were one crazily awesome man.

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  1. I've never seen that film clip - wow

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  3. i was really drunk one night and texting these lyrics to some of my mates who also are Johnny crazy. but some how I sent them to my ex girlfriends father when I woke in the morning with the normal hang over that goes with a long night of wine and cash there was some missed calls and messages from my ex s father he almost called the cops because he thought I was threatening him but I reassured that they where just song lyrics and not meant for him

  4. Love this song, love the video - Mark Romanek is amazing.

  5. wow! i have never seen that before brettles and im a huge cash fan! what a sad song! and when he visited his child hood house! heavy! xx

  6. I know, it's so amazing. It's almost like he knew something was up and was saying goodbye with this clip.



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