Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kasabian - Empire

Kasabian are one of my all-time favourites! They're so damn good when it comes to a live show, and after three albums the band has bucked modern trends and actually come up with three distinctively different albums that don't sound exactly like the last.

They're back in Australia at the moment much to my delight, so I thought why not give the Leicestershire lads some SOTD loving by showing you one of my favourite Kasabian tunes.

This clip is great, although it's a tad confusing as the film clip show's a runner being shot, but it's not the clip to their tune Shoot The Runner which is off the same album.

Anyway, it's a cracker tune, with a killer clip. Can't wait to see them live again! What's your favourite Kasabian tune?

KasabianEmpireWest Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 


  1. woo comments :) loving the blog brettles x

  2. i love kasabian a frend off mine from the uk was hasseling me years ago to listen to this album that i never heard off turend out to be auwsome any way FAST FUSE is one off my favs

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  4. Can we go see them again? PLEASE!



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