Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Music Go Music - Reach Out

Today's tune is brought to you by a really cool friend who's music taste is really refreshing and awesome, and I'm loving the tunes she's discovering for me of late. So here you go...

These guys are super groovi-licious (as you will soon see and hear for yourselves). A friend got me onto them and it just gave me hope that there are still great bands out there making great sounding tunes...

These guys originally didn't want to make it big and never signed to a record label, they just made 10 or so singles drip feeding them on the net. So if you like - check out their other tunes. They rock! - I want to be her. Enjoy

By Celina G



  1. woah, thats pretty crazy! It's gotta be Euro right? Bjorn from Abba on the guitar..... Love the funky keyboard breakdown....nice one Celina

  2. Yeah definite Abba-ness going on there!... I think they are canadian but not 100% sure

  3. My favourite is the bass player with the coke bottle glasses and double platted pony tails.



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