Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mark Ronson - The Bike Song

All weekend long I kept hearing this tune over and over, and it's started to grow on me. I'm a big fan of Mark Ronson, for the fact that he's so musically talented and continually teams up with the world's most diverse pool of talent to release great tunes that are completely different from one to the next.

The Bike Song, features Kyle Falconer from indie rock band The View and rapper Spank Rock, and the clip starts out with a Tron vibe, then whisks me away to Europe.

I loved travelling around France and Germany, and was blown away by the amount of bikes everyone rode, it adds such a cool laid back vibe to the cities. I wish Australian's would ride their bikes more often, there's nothing more fun than a fridge-to-fridge, riding with a stack of mates and just rolling along.

So do as Mark Ronson says, and ride your bike until you get old.

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