Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine

A wise man once told me that this song is the perfect Sunday morning song, and it's impossible not to smile when hearing it.

The same wise man also woke me up on a hazy Sunday morning after a night on the turps, by busting out some improv dancing with his girl at the end of our bed, while they both sung the song and cranked it as loud as they could.

As I lay there slightly grumpy for the fact I'd been woken from my Sunday morning slumber, I couldn't help smiling at the happy song and their ridiculous dancing. So I guess in the end, he was right.

So enjoy this song, and get it ready for this Sunday morning, I promise you'll smile.

Poor Ringo thinks he's a jinx.


  1. That man speaks the truth... it never fails

  2. If only I had a video camera to record the dancing, it could still be producing smiles to this day.

  3. Once you've finished with Good Day Sunshine, try a little Lazy Sunday Afternoon, by the Small Faces.

  4. Cheers Richard, I'll have to check it out.



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