Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gyroscope - Some Of The Places I Know

The WA Aussie rockers have returned with their fourth album, and yet again they've hit the nail on the head with another great Aussie rock album.

These lads are my little guilty pleasure, they always get me pumped up and ready for action. Gyroscope fit 'The Living End' mould of a rock band that consistently realeases solid album after solid album without getting bigger than their boots and becoming average very fast (We're looking at you Wolfmother).

They are consistent, and in today's fast paced, get famous quick then burn out by album number two times, it's good to see a bunch of decent lads finding some longevity to their music careers.

Love this clip! The visuals are so damn great, I'm not sure where it's all filmed but I'm hoping it's WA, and they're representing for the West side. So listen to their latest single, get back to nature and enjoy the scenery.

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