Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bloc Party - Banquet

Oh what's that, your party is lame and no one wants to dance? Then chuck Bangquet on you fool, and the dancefloor will be filled in seconds.

I love how it's damn near impossible to keep your legs still while this song belts out of the speakers (no paraplegic jokes here please). With Kele about to bring out some solo stuff, and Russel joining Ash as part of their live touring band I thought that some old-school Bloc Party was in order.

Sure it's going back a few years now but still rates up there as one of my all time played songs on my iPod, actually correct that, it is the most played song on my iPod. Plus it's certainly one of Bloc Party's all time greatest tunes.

Play it loud!

Silent AlarmIntimacy

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