Monday, May 10, 2010

Hockey - Too Fake

If you're ever looking for a pick me up and need to dance around the house on your own like a fool, then be sure to chuck on some Hockey.

Hell I'm dancing like a retard at my desk in the middle of the office while I listen and write this blog. He does say in the song, 'I can't even talk to you, about my affect on people, because I'm doing the same thing to you.'

I wonder if he's talking about his ability to make me dance like a Russian chess champion on meth (never actually seen that but I imagine he wouldn't be the greatest dancer). Either way, this album is guaranteed to get you up and dancing. I caught them live earlier this year in a tiny venue, and it was so damn sweet. A room full of people dancing like losers, and having the best time, and totally ruling.

Mind ChaosMind Chaos [Vinyl]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Holy shit, that was one hectic weekend. Buck's shows rule, especially when they're you're own!

This song came on the radio this morning and hit me instantly as the perfect song of the day. The clip features a buck's night, plus it's gentle enough that my tired, tired head is able to actually listen to it.

Hopefully my pending wedding (5 days now) won't turn out as tragic as theirs, but I think there's 15 guys that can confirm that the buck's weekend would have put Romeo's to shame, that's for sure.

There's something about good dudes, handball, jam town, beach walks, smashed shins, broken maracas, broken guitar strings, microwaved plates, hazey heads, sausage fry up's, 20 boxes of shapes, 16 cases of beer, 3 cases of cider, and more PR meetings than anyone would like to remember, that make for one awesome weekend. Illustrated perfectly in this clip.

The Best of RadioheadPablo HoneyOK Computer [SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION- 2 CDs + DVD]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interpol - Evil

Thanks to the rad person in my office who chose to put Interpol on the office stereo this morning – great choice! Such a wicked band, that produce solid album after album.

I've picked Evil for the song of the day, as it's certainly one of my favourite songs of their second album, but the main reason it got the call up was due to it’s creepy film clip. The puppet is so strange, looks a bit like Guy Smiley, yet also looks a little too real.

He does bust out some sweet indie front man swagger on the emergency table though, so I guess the puppet is alright by me. So put the volume up, crank this tune and bust out some of your very own indie front man moves, you know you want to and this song is perfect for it.

Antics: The Special EditionTURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS [Vinyl]Our Love to Admire

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nikola Sarcevic - Love Trap

I guess it's not the nicest sounding song ever written, it's pretty sad. Lyrics all about losing love, being cheated on and all that. But it is pretty powerful, and really drags you into the song, and you can sort of feel what he's feeling.

What really impresses me about this awesome tune, is that Nikola is also the front man for Swedish punk band Mellincolin. Chalk and cheese really, they're so different, for a while I didn't actually believe it was the same person. So now I love his punk styles and his acoustic noodling.

Anyway, this song came up on random while listening to my iPod, so I thought I'd get all emotional on you and give it song of the day. I hope you like it.

Lock-Sport-KrockRoll Roll and Flee

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Strokes - Reptilia

As Julian says himself 'Tell me a story, I know you're not boring' - so if I must, here goes.

The Strokes have released some super-wicked albums over the years, and while they've all been galavanting around with solo projects the last few years, I was very pumped to hear they would be one of the headliners for this year's Splendour In The Grass.

This is one of my favourite Strokes tracks, party because it's just awesome, and partly because of my cool vinyl a lovely friend gave me for my birthday once. That same very friend sat down the front row of a Big Day Out with my better half and didn't leave the fence the entire day, just to get close to Julian. In fact they ended up touching him, kinda creepy, and kinda cool. Now that friend is off to New York - plenty of Julian stalking/touching to follow.

Is This It?First Impressions of Earth

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Surfer Blood - Swim

There's a bit of a vibe going on with my favourite albums and songs so far this year. Surfer rock like Soft Pack and this tune, then there's Frightened Rabbit and Swim Until You Can't see land, and this song.

I have loved Surfer Blood's album so far, and I particularly like the album cover, all shark and toothy like. I caught this film clip on Rage on the weekend and really liked the idea of the crowd surfing morning; it would certainly help me get out of bed on those lazy mornings - no hitting snooze until I'm running late for work, that's for sure. Plus it's got Mickey and Minnie dress ups, so bonus points for dress ups. Oh yeah and keep an eye out for the gratuitous shrunken package shot. Nice!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this as much as I have been lately.

Astro CoastAstro Coast [Vinyl]


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