Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ash - Girl From Mars

Yep, one of the advantages of my work is getting to chat with bands and celebs. But it’s so much cooler when one of those bands is one of my all time favourites!

This morning I interviewed Tim Wheeler and my man-crush on the Irish lad has just grown a whole lot more. It’s good to know that after 18 years together Ash can still pump out a sweet pop rock tune and also still love to party just as much as the rest of us.

The first song that got me hooked was Girl From Mars, it’s still as awesome as ever. It takes me back to sitting on the phone for hours talking to past teenage romances. Before we had to worry about the phone bill, rent, money, work. Hehe, everything was so simple, even if it didn’t’ seem so at the time.

So everyone, I hope you get a blast out of this golden oldie, I know I still certainly do.

Vol. 1 A-Z1977

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Wow! I went and saw these crazy cultish folkers last night, and it was so damn good.

Who would have thought a guy in long john underwear and a scarf could command a crowd so damn well? Plus I've never been to a gig where the lead singers gets half the crowd on stage then asks the rest of the audience to sit down while he sings. Was certainly an experience.

I picked Home for the song today, because it just makes ya feel so damn good and warm inside. Go on, give it a listen and just try not to smile to yourself, I dare ya!

PS - Edward Sharpe if you're out there and reading this, I'd more than happily join your hairy cult of loyal followers, where do I sign up?

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosUp From Below

King Missile - Jesus's Detachable Penis Was Way Cool

Two songs of the day, because, well they’re the only two King Missile songs I ever heard, so why not have both.

Takes me back to a time as a kid when you’d hear songs on the radio and because I was young and the song had a rude word (say dick or marijuana) in it, you’d be like ‘wow, this is the greatest song ever’. Well both these songs by King Missile did that for me.

Yep, you know what I’m talking about it’s Detachable Penis and Jesus Was Way Cool. And ever since then I’ve always wanted to taste the delicious cake that Jesus could have baked. Hurry up and come back already Jesus, we’ve been waiting a fair while now.

Mystical Shit/Fluting on the HumpMystical Shit/Fluting on the Hump

The Big Pink - Crystal Visions

What to do, what to do? I’ve got so many albums in my ‘added in the last 2 months’ play lists that I’m continually fighting with myself over what to listen to.
Yeasayer, Hot Chip, Edward Sharpe, Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, Surfer Blood, Temper Trap and The Big Pink.

The Big Pink has been winning a few of these battles, thanks to track one on their album, Crystal Visions. It’s an epic song that sets up the album perfectly.

Get on board people.

A Brief History of LoveDominos

Feist - Feel It All

She sounds lovely, and to be honest, who doesn't love fireworks...

The ReminderLet It Die

Doves - There Goes The Fear

I love discovering a song that you previously loved. I did that this morning while listening to the (500) Days Of Summer soundtrack.

A song came on that I hadn’t listened to in a while. It’s a perfect song for walking around in... the city. Cares seem to wash away when this song plays, and you think about the important things. Well I do anyway. Ha ha.

Today’s song is There Goes The Fear by Doves.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Kingdom of RustBest of (2CD/DVD)

Regina Spektor - Laughing With

So I’ve been trying to sort out my top 10 albums of this year. It’s been really enjoyable actually going back and finding the gems from earlier this year that my instant gratifiable brain has forgotten about due to the next ‘cool’ thing that’s popped on my desk.

One of the g...ems that has fallen through the cracks in 09 for me was Regina Spektor’s album, Far.

It’s got some great tunes, and this is one of them. She’s such a beautiful girl, and her voice is amazing.

Hope you enjoy.

FarBegin to Hope

The Tunics - Cost Of Living

Love this tune, reminds me of London nights and cruising the tube a little too wasted.

Somewhere In Somebody's Heart


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