Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

Yep, I loved their debut album, All Hour Cymbals, back in 2007 and it's awesome to see Yeasayer back in 2010 with what could possibly be the album of the year. I know it's pretty early to be making these sort of calls, but I might as well get in early.

This clip is best served on Acid! Dark horsemen, strange paint blob guys, worm-hole heads, and nude desert runners. Yep, it's got it all!

Just a straight up awesome track from a wicked album. Now bust out the body paint, nude up and get amongst it kids!

Odd BloodAll Hour Cymbals


  1. "Album of the year"!?! Are you serious? This effort bites compared to All Our Symbols - It's just a lame Animal collective rip off and the songs are more gen y candy pop than anything. If you want album of the year candidates, listen to Big Echo by the Morning Benders or ...and then we saw land by Tunng. And lift your game duck!

  2. Will have to check out these Morning Benders you talk about. Someone has mentioned them to me before I think.

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