Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon

So there I was sitting in the pub at lunch, waiting for two mates to come and meet me when this tune comes on and, BAM, I'm taken straight back to my childhood.

I can hear the song rolling down the hallway from the lounge room stereo, it's pitch black, and there's Neil's soft voice relaxing me into my childhood slumber. I certainly didn't appreciate it at the time, and it still took me plenty of hears to understand all this 'old people' music my parents listened to was actually wicked.

Anyway, yeah, this song brings back memories of my childhood and happy family times. And although It's so long ago now and I ain't gonna 'be home soon', this track is like a big memory hug to me, and that's why it made my day a little bit more special.

Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded HouseCrowded House


  1. I love this song too! reminds me of working 12 hour shifts at my dads pub though... putting up with old blokes called jim who throw glass ash trays at you when you cut them off at 11am becasue they have already had too much to drink... yep great song!

  2. man, we were just watching THIS clip on Monday, and discussing the "so 80s" but agelessness of Crowded House. it's my fav CH song! great to see that in your maturity you are becoming aware of the super taste in music that you were brought up with. maybe soon a track from the "war of the Worlds" soundtrack, or def a Queen clip!? xxx



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