Sunday, May 9, 2010

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Holy shit, that was one hectic weekend. Buck's shows rule, especially when they're you're own!

This song came on the radio this morning and hit me instantly as the perfect song of the day. The clip features a buck's night, plus it's gentle enough that my tired, tired head is able to actually listen to it.

Hopefully my pending wedding (5 days now) won't turn out as tragic as theirs, but I think there's 15 guys that can confirm that the buck's weekend would have put Romeo's to shame, that's for sure.

There's something about good dudes, handball, jam town, beach walks, smashed shins, broken maracas, broken guitar strings, microwaved plates, hazey heads, sausage fry up's, 20 boxes of shapes, 16 cases of beer, 3 cases of cider, and more PR meetings than anyone would like to remember, that make for one awesome weekend. Illustrated perfectly in this clip.

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