Monday, May 10, 2010

Hockey - Too Fake

If you're ever looking for a pick me up and need to dance around the house on your own like a fool, then be sure to chuck on some Hockey.

Hell I'm dancing like a retard at my desk in the middle of the office while I listen and write this blog. He does say in the song, 'I can't even talk to you, about my affect on people, because I'm doing the same thing to you.'

I wonder if he's talking about his ability to make me dance like a Russian chess champion on meth (never actually seen that but I imagine he wouldn't be the greatest dancer). Either way, this album is guaranteed to get you up and dancing. I caught them live earlier this year in a tiny venue, and it was so damn sweet. A room full of people dancing like losers, and having the best time, and totally ruling.

Mind ChaosMind Chaos [Vinyl]

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