Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Thought Criminals - Fuck The Neighbours

This one comes from a rad old school Sydney rocker who goes by the name of Brent...

Me and my old school mates used to see this band an a regular basis around the traps in Sydney in the early eighties.

They were loud, they were fast, they were discordant, they were everything a pissed out of it twenty year old could ask for!

I remember one particular gig in an upstairs single room smoke pit where a tall skinny shirtless hippy guy started pissing and rotating in an ever increasing circle as no one wanted to get pissed on everyone was jammed tight against the walls as the band still upped out it's inner-city 3 chord angst! When his rotating piss act finished he was quickly removed from the venue, without any violence. The crowd filled the void and danced on his huge steamy pool of hippy piss!

This version of the song is the reunion version that does not have the same energy as the early days but the passion is still there! The line of lyrics use to be '"Fuck the neighbours!................. Fuck the neighbours!....................... Dog! Which we thought was the funniest thing ever!

By Shutter Bug Brent


  1. Old School Brent punk times. Classic.

  2. No download, so air you "shite" elsewhere. No one care what you and your "mates" thought..

  3. I don't really get that last comment? No download? hmm.



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