Thursday, July 15, 2010

British India - Avalanche

Melbourne Rockers British India are back with their third album and it's kicking my arse with it's awesomness at the moment. Earlier this year I was all about my overseas bands, but it's great to see there's some killer albums from Aussie artists starting to fill up my 'top ten' list of albums for 2010. This is making it on the list so far.

It's great to have some cool Aussie rock to listen to that hasn't been watered down, plus the clip has slow-mo, and what guy doesn't love some sweet slow-mo action?



  1. i find them a little boring. don't dislike but i'm not feeling it

  2. You should check them out live Celina, we saw them a few years ago at the Annandale and it was a pretty good show. But understand they're not gonna be for everyone.



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