Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Stills - Still In Love Song

I'd never heard of The Stills when a work colleague threw the CD at my head and jokingly said 'Oh Woodduck, this is shit, you and ya missus might like this one after a few cones'.

It turns out that rude (but thoughtful) work mate was actually right, not that it was shit, but rather that me and the missus really did like it.... So much so that it was on high rotation in our stereo for the entire year of 2003. It was their debut album, and two albums on The Stills are easily the coolest thing to come out of Canada since Terrance and Phillip.

So kick back and drink in this big warm cup of awesome. Mmmmm tasty!

Logic Will Break Your HeartWithout FeathersI'm With You


  1. I'm still in LOVE with The Stills!

  2. i like very much!! will endeavour to find more of their stuff. thanks

  3. love this track- always the one i skip to on the album if ive only got time for one....niiiiice!



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