Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lily Allen - Not Fair

I've been in love with Lily Allen for quite a while now. Ever since the time I stood in the packed Kasabian Big Day Out crowd watching a topless Lily Allen dance like a regular punter on top of some random guys shoulders, I knew this party girl was something special. She was off chops and having the time of her life on her own. There's one thing for certain, and that's that Lily knows how to party.

Just when I thought my love for Lily couldn't get any stronger along came a country style Lily singing about her lovers inadequacies. Oh Lily, why do you keep doing it to me. At least my wife now has the country Lily haircut. hehe, my secret plans to turn Katie into Lily are finally coming to fruition!

I love the old-school feel of this clip, it reminds me of Weezer Buddy Holly clip a bit, gotta love the flash backs.

It's Not Me It's YouAlright, Still

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