Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Neil Young - Needle And The Damage Done

There's space in everyone's music collection for a little Neil Young. One of the greatest song writers to ever grace this little world of ours, who's never scared to write songs about political bullshit and stupid wars, and of course drugs.

This tune is about the nasty effects of heroin, as Neil says at the start "a lot of great artists get effected by it, and a lot of great art does down the drain because of it.

I also love the Johnny Cash intro...
"These young minds will be our leaders in the future, they will be our science, our arts, our crafts, our politics, our music. And now our music comes form such a brilliant mind such as singer/songwriter Neil Young".

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  1. Awesome choice Woodsy, however I must disagree with you about one thing. There's space in everyone's music collection for a LOT of Neil Young. The dude is a living legend!

  2. magical... the whole album is an amazing experience... Stop disabling yourself from life's best. Buy the record now.



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