Friday, August 6, 2010

We Are Scientists - Chick Lit

I've been thinking about what We Are Scientist song to feature since seeing them live last week with Ash. Their new album is super-catchy and full of great tunes - then there's my favourite tune from their first album, This Scene Is Dead.

I was going to go with my favourite and then I stumbled upon the clip for Chick Lit. It's a great pop rock tune off their second album, done with a country themed clip. But rather than being cattle herders, they're taking on a pack of tiny Pomeranian dogs. haha. Yep, it's a classic clip and a great tune. So Chick Lit gets the green light.

The only thing missing from the clip is the bass player's killer mustachio, but the lead singer is doing his best to bring back the silver fox look. Maybe I'll dye my hair?

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