Monday, October 18, 2010

Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively

Pino recently went on an overseas trip the the States and while he was there he caught up with Thee Oh Sees for one rockin' good time...

I heard about these guys from some friends and saw them support Eddy Current Suppression Ring last year at The Annandale Hotel. They blew minds! Amazing, sweaty energy.

Too many bands these days are too cool to put on an awesome live show. Not Thee Oh Sees.

I was lucky enough to catch them on a recent trip to San Francisco where they were playing in a gay bikie bar called The Eagle Tavern. It's renowned for 'golden shower' sessions in the bathrooms. Well, I didn't see any golden showers that night but I saw Thee Oh Cees play an hour long set of their best lo-fi garage rock.

Light globes were accidentally smashed by crazy moshing hipsters, mirror balls fell from the ceiling, John Dwyer (lead singer) even deep throated the mic a few times... Nothing but good times...

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  1. oooh i like that a lot!! tres cool... love ecsr too!

  2. Tres deep throat the mic times. Yew!



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