Thursday, October 28, 2010

Faith No More - Epic

Faith No More, Epic - I could be talking about the song title or using the word to describe the band and Mike Patton, because everything about Faith No More in the 90's was truly epic, and it's good to see that Mike Patton is never to far away from controversy. If you haven't yet seen Mike having a rant about Wolfmother, then you must... video is below.

This tune has to be up there with the best songs to ever come out of the 90's, we wanted it all but we couldn't have it, but it was fine, because at least we had this tune.

Mike Patton talks about Wolfmother!

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  1. Ha, Ha! I fkng Love this guy so much!!! He has so much charisma. Legend!

  2. haha, bet Wolfmother don't like him that much anymore.



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