Sunday, October 17, 2010

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector

Darwin is a rad dude from New York who makes some sweet funky indie pop music. His dance moves are as fruity as his indie threads, and his leather head bands, while his film clips feature more artsy fartsy imagery than a share-house loft.

This song reminds me of two mates who drove from Radelaide to Sydney for a holiday. They got pulled over by a cop who told them he had a radar detector-detector and that he had detected that they had a radar detector on board, and then proceeded to search their car!

We felt this was a bit odd and when Sappers and Jezza got to Sydney the explained the whole bizarre story. We later asked a random cop if he'd ever heard of a radar detector-detector and the cop just laughed at us, and said there is no such thing, and the dodgy cop was just looking for a way to search their car.

So thanks for the great tune and great clip Darwin, and cheers Jezza and Sappers for the memories.

Darwin DeezRadar Detector

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