Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Betty Airs - Standing/Waiting

We've all been there before - a mate starts a band, bangs on about how good they are for six months, then invites you to the first gig. Your impressed... because it's a mate. Then you're asked to attend show after show, which you do, but would you really be there if it wasn't a mate standing up on that stage?

I've recently had the delight of watching a mate's band start and play gig after gig, but what's made it even more enjoyable is the fact that they're actually awesome, and I'd be happy to shell out my own coin to see them play live (in fact they make us anyway). 

I'm talking about Sydney's Betty Airs. A three piece made up of Darren Cross (from Gerling and E.L.F. fame) and Christian Campano and Michael Zagoridis who belt out some damn fine tunes, and know how to keep a crowd entertained for the duration of their set. 

Whether it's Campano's ripe dance moves or Darren's sweet stage robes, or Zag's bushy hair and oh so sexy drumming style, these lads are destined for greatness. Well, that's what Zag's lady friend's psychic says. So get on board now and join me down the front row.

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