Saturday, October 30, 2010

Queens Of The Stone Age - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

A QOTSA and Josh Homme, you certainly know how to make a repetitive song about drugs sound awesome!

The first time I saw QOTSA live it was at the Sydney Big Day out with Nick Oliveri playing totally naked and freaking everyone quite a bit. It's sad that he's not in the band these days - I guess he freaked everyone in the band out a bit too much as well. It was certainly a memorable set, and I went out and purchased their album the next day.

I once heard that the whole QOTSA band were in drug and alcohol rehab and decided that they'd play a free gig for the patients in the hospital, which I thought was a really nice thing to do.

Unfortunately Homme and Co had their power cut shortly into the first song... they had decided to open up with Feel Good Hit Of The Summer. Nicotine, valium, vicodine, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol, co co co co co co co cocaineeeeeee!

RLullabies to ParalyzeQueens of the Stone AgeSongs For The Deaf (Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD)

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