Monday, April 25, 2011

Bliss N Eso - Down By The River

Ah, camping and the great outdoors.

I grew up in the country and have lived my adult life in the city. I'd say that these days I love the big city life, the fast paced environment, huge buildings, bars and restaurants.

But I do also love getting away from it all, dropping out of mobile phone coverage for a few days and just sitting around a camp fire and chilling out with a full esky of beer.

That's exactly what I did this Easter weekend, a big crew of friends raced away from the city and headed up into the hills to get primal.

We climbed mountains, saw plenty of snakes, kangaroos, cows and even a platypus. All while chilling on the side of an amazing river.

Down By The River, was a very good weekend indeed.

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