Sunday, June 27, 2010

Editors - Munich

Many years ago now, I used to live with a big beast of a handsome man who got about town in a green sports car. The House of Love was known throughout Sydney as the place to be seen and party on a Friday night. Because of this many trips were made to bottle shops and alchoholic storage destinations, to pick up large quantities of booze and ice.

Every time we'd go on one of our booze scavenger hunts, Editors would be our soundtracks. For two reasons, firstly because Bodhi loves the Editors very much, and secondly because it was the only CD he ever had in his car and it was stuck in the CD player. It's fair to say, this album was a soundtrack for a good 12 months in the House of Love, and rightly so.

Play it loud Bodhi, good times.

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