Monday, July 11, 2011

Grinspoon - Just Ace

The year was 1999 and it was the summer that Phil Jameson and Grinspoon helped me continually try to blow the bejesus out of my parents lounge room speakers. After all what's the point in playing Grinspoon if you don't have it cranked all the way up?

Weighing in at only 1minute and 46 seconds long, Grinspoon's Just Ace certainly packed a lot of punch for such a short tune. The clip has aged horribly, just take a look at Phil's sexy lipstick and nail polish. He wasn't even a Goth!

This tune is off the album, Guide To Better Living, and was full of Aussie rock gems that would be blasted out of my stereo for years to come.

They played in Victor Harbour for Schoolies, to which Katie and I managed to sneak in through a window, only to get to the stage and hear the band play their final song.

At least it was a good one!

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