Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eddie Vedder - Society

Wow, this movie and soundtrack still gives me shivers every time I watch or listen to it.

Into The Wild is one of the most inspiring, beautiful, happy and sad movies I've ever seen. Eddie Vedder does the entire sound track and absolutely nails it.

The movie is based on a true story about a boy who throws off the constraints of society and escapes to the wild of Alaska to be at one with nature and his thoughts. The movie is recreated from the journal logs that were found years later. The relationships he makes along the way are heart breaking, emotional, and pure. Damn, I wanna watch it again right now.

Eddie Vedder is coming out to play in Australia shortly, and I for one am so damn excited.

Enjoy this beautiful song. XXX

Eddie does Society with Johnny Depp

Music for the Motion Picture Into the WildYou've Got To Hide Your Love AwayMusic For The Motion Picture Into The WildThe Long Road

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