Saturday, December 4, 2010

Perfume Genius - Mr Peterson

This is a tragic sad song about a school teacher who throws himself off of a building.

Mr Peterson sounds like a pretty sweet teacher, letting the kids smoke weed and getting them into Joy Division but clearly had some issues he was dealing with. Certainly not your average ball breaking high school teacher who thinks learning can only be accomplished by squashing the fun out of the entire experience. Teachers like this certainly stand out form the bunch, and this song make me think of the few that I had back in the day.

I'm betting he was an art teacher. Anyway check out this song and Perfume Genius, it's a really amazing album, and I'm loving it lately.

LearningLearning (Special Limited Edition)

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  1. hmm..have you read the lyrics to this song?

    My work came back from class
    With notes attached
    Of a place and time
    Or how my body kept him up at night

    He let me smoke weed in his truck
    If I could convince him I loved him enough
    Enough, enough, enough, �nough

    He made me a tape of Joy Division
    He told there was a part of him missing
    When I was sixteen
    He jumped off a building

    Mr Petersen
    I know you were ready to go
    I hope there�s room for you up above
    Or down below.



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