Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinback - Good To Sea

Last night I teamed up with Bags, Bowden and Smelly for a trip to the Manning Bar at Sydney Uni to catch the musical stylings of San Diego band Pinback.

The beards were big, the beers were flowing and the tunes were awesome.

It's the first time Pinback have made it to Australia and you could tell that the underground following was very appreciative that they finally made the trip to Oz.

All through the show they played visual clips and effects projected onto the wall behind them. During Good To Sea they played this weird random clip (below), with random people dressed up as the band. I thought it was just their film clip but I found the clip on Youtube today and it's a random filmmaker from Chicago who made it with a friend... and now the band use it in their show.

Awesome song, random clip, hope you enjoy.

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