Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

This is by Katie, yep, it's her second Arcade Fire song that she's requested. She's mad for their sweet soothing styles. So Katie, take it away...

As mentioned previously, I am crazy for all things Arcade Fire!

This morning I came across their new film clip to 'The Suburbs' directed by Spike Jonze, whom I think is as bigger a fan as I am.

Apparently the band spent a week in the suburbs of Austin, Texas hanging out with a bunch of teenagers and the result is as awesome as you would expect.

It's all part of a short film that Spike Jones and Arcade Fire are collaborating on, and is titled 'Scenes From The Suburbs'. It makes for one damn fine film clip. Enjoy...

The SuburbsFuneralArcade FireNeon Bible (W/Book) (Dlx)

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