Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun

I absolutely love this song, it was one of the first songs I ever learnt to sing the lyrics in they're entirety, thanks to an awesome primary school teacher who would play guitar and have the whole class sing along to tunes by The Animals, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

In fact I can't ever remember him teaching us anything besides soccer,singing songs, and doing the occasional spelling bee. Either way, he was one of my greatest teachers!

Back to the song... Eric Burdon's bluesy voice is kick-arse, and the steely gaze he gives throughout the entire clip lets you know (even though he's wearing a suit) he could kick your arse if you step out of line.

They're a bunch of smooth looking bad-asses!

The Best Of The AnimalsThe Best Of Eric Burdon And The Animals (1966 - 1968)The Animals: All-Time Greatest Hits


  1. great song, they did such a great version of it

  2. Wow. Amazing clip. Eric's voice is still haunting almost 50 years on. Up there with Jagger & Fogarty for KIng of White man blues

  3. Yeah the story about the song and the unknown origins are great.

    And totally agree with the Jagger and Fogarty call!

  4. Seen this clip often but always thought it was a pity that none of the instruments are plugged in - but they would probably ended up like a ball of knitting wool.



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