Monday, March 7, 2011

The Temper Trap - Love Lost

Today's song is brought to you by all might Danksy...

As good in stereo as in concert, the Melbourne boys tried-and-true formula of “start off soft and contain enough indecipherable sounds that punters can make-pitched noises to sing along” struck gold with “Love Lost”. The combination of Merv Hughes stretching routines and memories of hellacious cross-country runs is enough to certify the video as all-time, but the song’s got enough panache to stand on its own as one of the Temper Trap’s classics.

Not known for their massive onstage presence, the last time they played in Sydney with the Joy Formidable (with what can only be described as the largest green garbage ban in history as a backdrop) the Trap owned it. Whilst it won’t get you jumping off the walls or reflecting on life, it’ll leave you better than when you encountered it.

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