Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dave Warner - Suburban Boy

Today we've got a song from my good mate Yauman, direct from the UK and in your face now.

Danny Yau’s Occasional Obscurities.

The Brits had the Jam. The US had the Replacements. Australia had no shortage of working class rock with hints of punk. Almost totally forgotten now, but one of the very best singles at the time was by Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs – and it’s called Suburban Boy. How’s that for dedication to a theme, Mr Win Butler?

The album it came from, 1978’s Mug’s Game was released by Mushroom, but is sadly deleted, and kind of dated. Suburban Boy, however, remains timeless.

That stuttering intro! That keyboard riff! That splash of guitars! And Dave up front, singing from his suburban heart.

Such a simple song as well. About watching football (“just to hear myself scream”) and losing out to pretty city boys – I’m surprised this wasn’t as big as other Australian pub/punk classics.

I look at my mates and we all lived this song, but didn't have it in our lives. I would have loved this song as a teenagers. As it was I discovered it in my mid 20s, and still feel the same.

The film clip is hilarious. Hip city cats pushing a poor blue collar kid around at a local dance. Sadly, the band broke up shortly after, and angry Dave Warner became a script writer for MacLeod’s Daughters.

If someone released this song now, it would be a hit. In any event, it’s ripe for rediscovery. It’s as good as I’m Stranded, Alone With You, My Pal, etc. Which means – Australian rock at it’s best.


  1. haha, and i thought Dave Warner was 'just a one hit wonder' in the Australain Cricket Team....I never heard this song before, but totally dig it...nice one Danny! Might go check out some more of their 'stuff'...

  2. They had no other stuff really. I like how Blogspot couldn't even come up with a "You Might Also Like"....

  3. I too have never heard of it - and i lived with your skinny ass for a year! Not bad, not bad!

  4. Wonder if they were inner-westies?



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